How to create a private board for corporate innovation

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How to Create a Private Inventr Board.

Private boards are great for corporate innovation are intended to be embedded in your corporate intranet site. Private Inventr boards for corporate are not enabled for social media sharing, instead ideas or answers are upvoted to the top of leaderboard by votes from other co-workers.

Creating an Inventr Board.

If you haven't already registered with Inventr you can do that here. 

Next you will want to create an Inventr board. Private Inventr boards are created in the same way as standard Inventr boards. To create an Inventr board follow this tutorial here then return back here to enable private mode.

Configuring a Private Inventr Board.

Once you have created your Inventr board, expand 'additional settings' and slide the 'enable private mode' to on.

Thats it! You have successfully created a private Inventr board for internal company innovation.

Embedding Your Board into your Intranet Page

Next you will need to embed your Inventr board into your corporate Intranet. In order to do that you can follow this simple tutorial here.

Jaynie from Inventr

Jaynie from Inventr

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