Embedding an Inventr board into your Website, Blog or Webapp

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Embedded an Inventr board into your Web Page Blog or Web App.

After creating your first Inventr board, you are going to want to make it available to your customers and followers, first by embedding it into your Facebook page and then embedding it into your webpage. 

Embedding an Inventr board into your webpage can be done it 2 ways depending on the style of your webpage.

Option One. Fully embed the Inventr board.

In order to complete this you will need the ability to edit the html of your website or blog to a small javascript url and div id. 

Once you have that level of access either register for an Inventr account or if you have already registered then sign into the Inventr dashboard here. If you haven't already created an Inventr board then create one first.

Select the board and then find the option to 'View Widget Code'.

You can now view the html code needed to embed the board in either your website or blog.

This is the 2 lines of code that you need to place into your website or blog. The board will be responsive by default meaning it will scale up and down based on the screen size, however, you can style the placement of the board based on the div id.

Ensure that you insert the div id before the script.

Option Two. Insert a Button 

The second option is to insert a button that pops out the Inventr board when clicked. This option can be useful if you have no space to embed a board in your website or blog or you have limited access to edit the html of the page.

Again on the top right of the relevant board select view widget code and then embed this anywhere you need to on your webpage or blog.

Next view the 'Additional Settings' option at the bottom of the board:

Where it says 'Popup Board' slide that to 'on'

Congratulations this board will now be a button that when click will pop up the Inventr board for interaction.

Once completed and if you haven't done so already you might want to embed this board into your Facebook Page. 

If you have completed that already then it is time to promote your board on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Jaynie from Inventr

Jaynie from Inventr

I am Inventr's customer experience manager and technical writer x.


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