Embedding your Inventr board into Facebook

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Embedded an Inventr board into your Facebook Page.

After creating your first Inventr board, you are going to want to make it available to your customers, first by embedding it into your Facebook page. 

Embedding an Inventr board into a Facebook page creates a custom Facebook tab which displays the board for customer interaction. Customers who interact with the board and boost their answers share the board across their Facebook timeline for their friends and follows to view, boost their friends answer on their own timeline or interact with the board.

To complete this process your need to be the administrator of your Facebook page and to you must have already purchased a live Inventr board. If you haven't yet created your first Inventr board then please click here and then return to this post and continue.

Login to your Inventr dashboard and select the 'Boards' on the left navigation panel:

From here select the 'Enable Facebook Tab' at the top right of any particular board that you want to embed within your Facebook page. This will then pop up some Facebook authentication which you will need to accept, essentially this allows the tab to be created within your page.

Once you have authenticated with your Facebook account which manages the page you want to embed the Inventr board into you will be asked to select the page.

Select the page you manage from the drop down box. Once select click finish and you will receive the success notification.

That is the Inventr dashboard configuration completed. Next you will need to move over to your Facebook page to set the order of the Inventr tab and the name of the tab.

Login to your Facebook account that manages the page that you embedded the Inventr board to, select the page and then hit 'Settings' at the top right and then 'Edit Page' on the left:

From here you can scroll down to the Inventr tab 'By default it is called 'Amazing Giveaways' and move the tab to the top of the list to promote further interaction (you do this by holding the 3 grouped horizontal lines to the left of the tab name and dragging them either up or down).

To rename the tab you can simply click the 'Settings' button to the right and then 'Edit settings' to rename it to whatever you wish.

Once you have embedded your board in Facebook it is time to also embed it into your Website. You can do that by following this tutorial. 

If you do not want to embed the Inventr board in your website then go straight to promoting your Facebook Inventr board across your own Facebook Page timeline and Twitter / Linkedin accounts. To do that please read How to promote your Inventr Board here.

Jaynie from Inventr

Jaynie from Inventr

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