Creating Your First Inventr Board

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Creating Your First Inventr Board

Once you create and promote an Inventr board, it becomes a hive of activity. You promote it on your various social media platforms and customers and fans will interact with it by submitting answers to your question and in return for sharing (boosting) the board and their answer across all their social media platforms they will gain points and climb the leaderboard to win the giveaway.

In order to create an Inventr board, first you need to register your brand here and if you need to, follow the tutorial here.

Once you have registered your brand you can create and promote your Inventr boards.

When creating an Inventr board you need to give some thought to the question you want to ask your customers, followers or employees (for private boards) and the giveaway you want to offer in return. The better the question and giveaway the more interaction you will get, some brands offer vouchers, some brands offer expensive gadgets, even cars and holidays. 

The great thing about an Inventr board is it's transparency, the leaderboard shows who has contributed and who has the most points through boosting their answer across as many social networks as possible and by asking their friends and family to also boost their answer. 

Boosting is restricted. Boosting is allowed once per social network every 7 days per person, that means the person that submitted the idea can boost it over all their social networks once per 7 days but also friends and family can take over and boost once per 7 days.

We notify via e-mail anyone who submitted an answer and also anyone that has helped it climb the leaderboard by boosting. As part of the interaction with an Inventr board, people are asked for their email addresses and are asked if they wish to subscribe to your newsletter, this creates a surge in newsletter sign ups.

The current leader is displayed at the top right of the board and the amount of time left before the board expires is at the top left. When the board expires the person who is top of the leaderboard wins.

To create a board, first login to the Inventr dashboard here then hit 'Create board'.

Next you need to upload an image for your board which must be relevant to your competition or brand / product that you are looking to promote. Board images are best displayed at 1400 * 700 pixels, make sure you pick something engaging and relevant. The example board above is a good example of the automatic shading applied to a 1400 * 700 image where it overlays the text at the bottom and top of the board.

Upload the image first, then type in the question you want to ask. Bear in mind that there is an 85 character limit. Remember the question needs to be engaging.

Next you need to explain the giveaway, it is always good to start with "Worldwide" or "USA" or whatever region you are limiting the giveaway to so for example "Worldwide > Most points when this board expires gets [giveaway]." Again there is an 85 character limitation here.

If this board is a private board for internal corporate innovation then ensure that use an answer and giveaway that supports it.

'Share Text' allows you to input a hashtag that appears whenever the an answer is boosted across social networks. Keep this small by just including a hashtag or leave it out if you wish.

Your brand will be auto selected at the bottom. Hit 'Next' to purchase the board at either £9.99 for a 14 day expiry, £14.99 for a 28 day expiry or £19.99 for a 40 day expiry. The longer the duration, the more interaction will occur.

Next enter your credit card details to purchase the board:

Once the board has been purchased you will be redirected to your Inventr dashboard where you can see users who have submitted answers, answers that have been submitted (these can be deleted where needed), other boards you may have purchased as well as analytics for board performance.

Now that you have created a board you need to decide where it is going to be embedded for interaction and promotion. The following tutorials demonstrate how to embed your Inventr board into Facebook or your Webpage.

Thanks for reading!

Jaynie from Inventr.

Jaynie from Inventr

Jaynie from Inventr

I am Inventr's customer experience manager and technical writer x.


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