Registering with Inventr.

Welcome to Inventr. Inventr boards are a hive of activity. They drive social media exposure for your brand and product, increase newsletter signups as well as driving innovation, feedback, competition and consumer interaction. 

They don't cost much, and once created, you can embed Inventr boards anywhere.

First of all, you need to register. To do this, go to and then click the 'Get Started' option on the top left.

At this point you will be asked for the name of your brand. Please type this in with no spaces and hit next.

Next we need the url of your website, please enter this as http or and hit the tick button that appears on the right.

Next we need to brief information on what your brand does, it doesn't need to be too detailed, then hit the tick button on the right.

Next we need a brand logo, the same logo from your Twitter or Facebook is the best option as it needs to be good quality as it will sit in the centre of your Inventr boards, hit the tick when completed.

Now you need to designate an administrator of your Inventr account, this is generally the person who is authorised to create and purchase Inventr boards. Please make a note of the password as it in encrypted and we can't read it. Click the tick box to create the account.

Congratulations, you have created an Inventr account for your brand, you will be redirected to your dashboard and are now ready to start creating Inventr boards. For a tutorial on creating Inventr boards click here.

Creating Your First Inventr Board

Once you create and promote an Inventr board, it becomes a hive of activity. You promote it on your various social media platforms and customers and fans will interact with it by submitting answers to your question and in return for sharing (boosting) the board and their answer across all their social media platforms they will gain points and climb the leaderboard to win the giveaway.

In order to create an Inventr board, first you need to register your brand here and if you need to, follow the tutorial here.

Once you have registered your brand you can create and promote your Inventr boards.

When creating an Inventr board you need to give some thought to the question you want to ask your customers, followers or employees (for private boards) and the giveaway you want to offer in return. The better the question and giveaway the more interaction you will get, some brands offer vouchers, some brands offer expensive gadgets, even cars and holidays. 

The great thing about an Inventr board is it's transparency, the leaderboard shows who has contributed and who has the most points through boosting their answer across as many social networks as possible and by asking their friends and family to also boost their answer. 

Boosting is restricted. Boosting is allowed once per social network every 7 days per person, that means the person that submitted the idea can boost it over all their social networks once per 7 days but also friends and family can take over and boost once per 7 days.

We notify via e-mail anyone who submitted an answer and also anyone that has helped it climb the leaderboard by boosting. As part of the interaction with an Inventr board, people are asked for their email addresses and are asked if they wish to subscribe to your newsletter, this creates a surge in newsletter sign ups.

The current leader is displayed at the top right of the board and the amount of time left before the board expires is at the top left. When the board expires the person who is top of the leaderboard wins.

To create a board, first login to the Inventr dashboard here then hit 'Create board'.

Next you need to upload an image for your board which must be relevant to your competition or brand / product that you are looking to promote. Board images are best displayed at 1400 * 700 pixels, make sure you pick something engaging and relevant. The example board above is a good example of the automatic shading applied to a 1400 * 700 image where it overlays the text at the bottom and top of the board.

Upload the image first, then type in the question you want to ask. Bear in mind that there is an 85 character limit. Remember the question needs to be engaging.

Next you need to explain the giveaway, it is always good to start with "Worldwide" or "USA" or whatever region you are limiting the giveaway to so for example "Worldwide > Most points when this board expires gets [giveaway]." Again there is an 85 character limitation here.

If this board is a private board for internal corporate innovation then ensure that use an answer and giveaway that supports it.

'Share Text' allows you to input a hashtag that appears whenever the an answer is boosted across social networks. Keep this small by just including a hashtag or leave it out if you wish.

Your brand will be auto selected at the bottom. Hit 'Next' to purchase the board at either £9.99 for a 14 day expiry, £14.99 for a 28 day expiry or £19.99 for a 40 day expiry. The longer the duration, the more interaction will occur.

Next enter your credit card details to purchase the board:

Once the board has been purchased you will be redirected to your Inventr dashboard where you can see users who have submitted answers, answers that have been submitted (these can be deleted where needed), other boards you may have purchased as well as analytics for board performance.

Now that you have created a board you need to decide where it is going to be embedded for interaction and promotion. The following tutorials demonstrate how to embed your Inventr board into Facebook or your Webpage.

Thanks for reading!

Jaynie from Inventr.

Embedded an Inventr board into your Facebook Page.

After creating your first Inventr board, you are going to want to make it available to your customers, first by embedding it into your Facebook page. 

Embedding an Inventr board into a Facebook page creates a custom Facebook tab which displays the board for customer interaction. Customers who interact with the board and boost their answers share the board across their Facebook timeline for their friends and follows to view, boost their friends answer on their own timeline or interact with the board.

To complete this process your need to be the administrator of your Facebook page and to you must have already purchased a live Inventr board. If you haven't yet created your first Inventr board then please click here and then return to this post and continue.

Login to your Inventr dashboard and select the 'Boards' on the left navigation panel:

From here select the 'Enable Facebook Tab' at the top right of any particular board that you want to embed within your Facebook page. This will then pop up some Facebook authentication which you will need to accept, essentially this allows the tab to be created within your page.

Once you have authenticated with your Facebook account which manages the page you want to embed the Inventr board into you will be asked to select the page.

Select the page you manage from the drop down box. Once select click finish and you will receive the success notification.

That is the Inventr dashboard configuration completed. Next you will need to move over to your Facebook page to set the order of the Inventr tab and the name of the tab.

Login to your Facebook account that manages the page that you embedded the Inventr board to, select the page and then hit 'Settings' at the top right and then 'Edit Page' on the left:

From here you can scroll down to the Inventr tab 'By default it is called 'Amazing Giveaways' and move the tab to the top of the list to promote further interaction (you do this by holding the 3 grouped horizontal lines to the left of the tab name and dragging them either up or down).

To rename the tab you can simply click the 'Settings' button to the right and then 'Edit settings' to rename it to whatever you wish.

Once you have embedded your board in Facebook it is time to also embed it into your Website. You can do that by following this tutorial. 

If you do not want to embed the Inventr board in your website then go straight to promoting your Facebook Inventr board across your own Facebook Page timeline and Twitter / Linkedin accounts. To do that please read How to promote your Inventr Board here.

Embedded an Inventr board into your Web Page Blog or Web App.

After creating your first Inventr board, you are going to want to make it available to your customers and followers, first by embedding it into your Facebook page and then embedding it into your webpage. 

Embedding an Inventr board into your webpage can be done it 2 ways depending on the style of your webpage.

Option One. Fully embed the Inventr board.

In order to complete this you will need the ability to edit the html of your website or blog to a small javascript url and div id. 

Once you have that level of access either register for an Inventr account or if you have already registered then sign into the Inventr dashboard here. If you haven't already created an Inventr board then create one first.

Select the board and then find the option to 'View Widget Code'.

You can now view the html code needed to embed the board in either your website or blog.

This is the 2 lines of code that you need to place into your website or blog. The board will be responsive by default meaning it will scale up and down based on the screen size, however, you can style the placement of the board based on the div id.

Ensure that you insert the div id before the script.

Option Two. Insert a Button 

The second option is to insert a button that pops out the Inventr board when clicked. This option can be useful if you have no space to embed a board in your website or blog or you have limited access to edit the html of the page.

Again on the top right of the relevant board select view widget code and then embed this anywhere you need to on your webpage or blog.

Next view the 'Additional Settings' option at the bottom of the board:

Where it says 'Popup Board' slide that to 'on'

Congratulations this board will now be a button that when click will pop up the Inventr board for interaction.

Once completed and if you haven't done so already you might want to embed this board into your Facebook Page. 

If you have completed that already then it is time to promote your board on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

How to Promote your Inventr Boards

Administrator Pre Share Text

Before we explain how to share the boards across multiple social media accounts there is a setting on each Inventr board that allows you to insert a small amount of text every time a board is shared, this is only reserved for hashtags. 

To set the share text login to the Inventr dashboard then click boards on the left, find the board that you have embedded in your website or blog and click 'Advanced Settings'

Insert the hashtag and click save.

Now every time someone submits and answer to your Inventr board and boosts it across all their social networks for points every 7 days it will always display the hashtag you inserted.

Sharing an Inventr board from your WebApp or Blog.

Now that you have successfully created an Inventr board, embedded it in your Facebook page and embedded it your website it is time to promote it across your social media feeds. 

Facebook Tab / Page

Let's do this in Facebook first as you will want to share the Inventr board on your brand page to invite interaction rather than as your personal Facebook account.

To begin, logon to Facebook and view the Facebook page where your Inventr board is embedded.

On the top left you will see a small share icon:

Hit the share icon and when prompted, sign in with Facebook.

Inventr will need permissions to post on your brand page so accept the FB tab permissions to enable this. These are required by all apps that post on your Facebook page.

Once permissions have been accepted, the share options will appear. Here you must type in something to promote the Inventr board, something about the giveaway and or question is fine then select the brand page that you wish to share on.

That's it! You have shared your Inventr board on Facebook. It looks like this:

When customers or followers see the board they will click on it, if they click from a desktop browser then it will rendered the board directly in your Facebook page on the Facebook tab that was created when you embedded the board in your Facebook page.  If they see the board on a smart phone within the Facebook app it will render the board within the Facebook mobile browser allowing customers and fans to submit and boost their own answers across their own social networks, every 7 days this enables a sharing loop. 

Share to Twitter from your Facebook Tab / Page.

Now let's do this for Twitter. Again hit the small share icon to the top left of the board but this time authenticate to Twitter with the brand account you want to promote the board to.

Again type in a message to promote the board and then hit the share to Twitter option.

That's it! You have promoted your embedded Facebook Inventr board to Twitter. Now if anyone see's the following post and they click on it if they click from a desktop browser they will be taken to your Facebook page and tab with the Inventr board if they click on it from a smartphone it will render the board within the Twitter mobile browser allowing customers and fans to submit and boost their own answers across their own social networks, every 7 days this enables a sharing loop. 

Share to LinkedIn from your Facebook Tab / Page.

The exact same process for Twitter above can be completed for Linkedin, again if they click from a desktop browser they will be taken to your Facebook page and tab with the Inventr board if they click on it from a smartphone it will render the board within the Linkedin mobile browser allowing customers and fans to submit and boost their own answers across their own social networks, every 7 days this enables a sharing loop. 

Sharing an Inventr board from your WebApp or Blog.

Sharing from your embedded webapp Inventr boards is slightly different as we want to ensure that when your customers and fans see the board and click on it then it needs to redirect to your webapp or blog site where the board is embedded therefore we need to set the location for it in the board settings. 

To do that login to the Inventr dashboard then click boards on the left, find the board that you have embedded in your website or blog and view the call back URL (in this example we have populated it with

Type in the URL where your have embedded the Inventr board and click save.

Now the callback has been updated you can share the board to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the same methods as listed above.

How to Create a Private Inventr Board.

Private boards are great for corporate innovation are intended to be embedded in your corporate intranet site. Private Inventr boards for corporate are not enabled for social media sharing, instead ideas or answers are upvoted to the top of leaderboard by votes from other co-workers.

Creating an Inventr Board.

If you haven't already registered with Inventr you can do that here. 

Next you will want to create an Inventr board. Private Inventr boards are created in the same way as standard Inventr boards. To create an Inventr board follow this tutorial here then return back here to enable private mode.

Configuring a Private Inventr Board.

Once you have created your Inventr board, expand 'additional settings' and slide the 'enable private mode' to on.

Thats it! You have successfully created a private Inventr board for internal company innovation.

Embedding Your Board into your Intranet Page

Next you will need to embed your Inventr board into your corporate Intranet. In order to do that you can follow this simple tutorial here.

Getting Help

Help is provided for mainly through our tutorials blog here.

If further help is required, especially when embedding your Inventr boards in your Facebook page, Webapp, Blog and or Intranet page then please login to the Inventr dashboard and choose 'Chat with us'.